Airport Transfer (1-4 p.)

There are three major companies that offer airport transfers. Flybus, Airport Direct and GrayLine.

The most common and best way for small groups (1-4 persons) is the FlyBus+. It is a large bus with up to 60 persons. If you have your ticket with you, you can go directly to the bus outside the Arrival hall of the Airport.

The nearest drop off location is Bus stop 12 – Höfðatorg, it is located in front of Foss Hotel Reykjavík, only about 2 min walk from the apartment.


Airport Transfer (5-8 p.)

For groups of 5-8 it is faster and more economical to take private transfer. The private transfer will take you directly to Sif Apartments.

The transport will be waiting for you at the arrival hall of the airport. With this transfer it will take you about 45 minutes to reach the apartment, with the larger bus it may take up to 90 minutes.


Other Airport transfer

There are many other airport transfer options to choose from. Click on the button below to see other options.

The Blue Lagoon is very close to the airport so you might want to consider visiting on your way to or from Keflavík Airport. Especially if you have an early arrival or a late departure. To book your Blue Lagoon transfer click here.


Tour Pickup – Bus Stop Nr. 12

When booking a tour, majority of the tour operators in Iceland stop at designated bus stops around the city. Just outside Sif Apartments is one of those stop. You can see on the picture where the designated stop is.

When booking a trip you should choose Bus Stop Nr 12  – Höfðatorg

More details about Bus Stop Nr 12 and other stops around the city can be found at

All designated Pick Up & Drop Off Bus stops
(Download map)


Car Rental

When it comes to car rental there is no one better option.  We recommend the Search Engine, to find a car rental. There it is easy to find the best deals. We have no one car rental service we think is better than the others. If you rent a car make sure you check the weather forecast before departing. If you are here in the winter time you also need to check if the roads are open and what the conditions are. You can also phone (+354) 1778 for information on road condition and weather.
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Taxi Service

There are two major TAXI services in Iceland. 

B.S.R – Tel. +354 561-0000

Hreyfill – Tel +354 588-5522


Public Bus

When it comes to public transportation (called Strætó in Icelandic) Hlemmur, which is only about 5 min walk from Sif Apartments, is one of the largest hubs for Strætó, with regular services to and from all the city’s surrounding towns and attractions.

For information and access to their convenient destination planner. We recommend using the Strætó App which is available on the App store and Google Play.

For more information, please visit