Parking around Sif Apartments

Sif Apartments does not have designated parking spaces. There are two main options for parking at Sif Apartments:

  •  Government run street parking outside the main building

  •  Large private parking garage under the building

We recommend using the app Parka for all your parking in Iceland. More details below.

Street Parking

There are 4 zones for street parking in Reykjavik labeled P1, P2, P3 and P4. Each zone is marked with a sign, usually attatched to a lamp post or payment machine. P1 is the most expensive and is mostly located downtown near Laugavegur .

Right in front of Sif Apartment we have P2 which is charged on weekdays between 9.00 – 18.00 and free overnight and on Sunday. There is also a P3 zone about 3 minutes walk away, which is little cheaper (see map). You can pay either using the app or Payment machines (See below)

On this map you can see the street parking locations around Sif Apartments and the charges. Uncoloured areas represent free parking, given they are not privately owned.

Sif Apartments parking

Parking Garage

The Parking Garage under Sif Apartments is used by the surrounding offices, Hotel Fosshotel and Sif Apartments. The garage can hold up to 1300 cars so you should always be able to find a parking spot.The charge on weekdays it is 320 ISK per hour from 08:00 – 18:00. Overnight the garage is mostly empty and is very affordable after 18:00 at only 80 ISK an hour and is also  only 80 ISK an hour on Saturday and Sundays.

The parking system is operated with license plate recognition and it is very simple to use. When you enter the facilities there is a pay station on the right side mounted on a wall. You then pay after your stay when you leave the garage or can alternatively use the app. (See below)

Sif Parking Garage

How to get to Sif Apartments from the
Parking Garage ?

Simplest way to access Sif Apartments from the parking garage. You walk up the ramp or the stairs TO THE RIGHT – NEXT TO THE PAY STATION. The Pay Station is located near the Front Entrance of the garage. When you are at the door you must put in the front door access codes to enter the building. Once you are in, there is another door in front of you where you must also enter the same code. When you get inside, the elevator is just there a few meters in front of you.

Ways to pay for parking

Parka Parking App

The easiest way to park in Reykjavik is to use the PARKA app. You sign up with the licence plate of the car and your credit card and you can use the app to pay wherever you are in the city or national parks.
The app is available in Icelandic and English

Available on:        

Please note that this app also works for the Parking Garage

Ticket Machines

With this system, you need to put in the license plate number into the machine. (we recommend you take a photo on your phone) and then you just take the ticket with you and there’s no need to put it in the window. The parking inspectors have a little gadget with them where they scan your license plate and get info from the system whether you’ve paid or not.

The process is simple: You just put in your license plate number, decide how long you need to park and the machine will tell you how much to pay. You can pay with coins (10, 50 and 100 ISK but no change is given) or you can pay with a credit card.