Is cleaning included?

Cleaning is not included in the rates during your stay but we will happily do a light cleaning for an added cost. The cost for final cleaning is automatically added to your booking, the price is EUR 36.

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Can I arrive late?

You're welcome to arrive late as we are a self-check apartment building. Please keep your neighbours in mind if you're arriving late in the evening or early in the morning and try to keep the noise to a minimum.

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Do you offer early check-in?

Generally no. However, if the apartment is available the night before and is clean, then you are welcome to check in early. We send out an automated email to all our guests as soon as the apartment has been cleaned and is ready for check-in.

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How do I get into the apartment?

Sif Apartments are self-check-in apartments. Three days before arrival, we will send you an email, containing details of how to get access to your apartment. There is no physical key and all access is with a keypad for the main entrance and the apartment itself.

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