Bríetartún 9-11, Reykjavík, Iceland

Welcome to Sif Apartments !

Welcome to our apartment!

Our guests are our number one priority and we want your stay to be comfortable, enjoyable and memorable
That’s why we have put a lot of effort into creating this website to not only tell you about the apartment but also to guide you through what Reykjavík and Iceland has to offer.
If you have ANY issues with the accommodation we would like to hear about them immediately so that we can take action. Do not hesitate to call us at +354 550 8900 or send us an email to
The Sif Apartments Team

Information about the apartment


  • Any common waste is collected in a trash bag located in the kitchen under the sink.
  • There are trash chutes outside the building next to the playground, please dispose of your waste there.
  • We are always trying to do better for the environment, so we take waste sorting serious. There are 3 types of garbage bins outside next to the playground.
    – General Waste
    – Paper
    – Plastic
  • Bottles & Cans: Please put them in a separate bin in the hallway, our cleaners will remove them and get them recycled.
  • For more information Click Here

Wireless Network (Wi-Fi)

  • The Sif Apartments Wi-Fi is open and no password needed to connect to the internet
  • If you prefer a closed network feel free to log into Heimaleiga Wi-FI. The password is EnjoyYourStay

Washing & Drying Instructions

Washing Machine

  • Make sure you do not put too much laundry in the machine
  • Most common program is “cotton” which should be safe for most laundry
  • Laundry detergent is in the cupboard located over the dryer
  • Put laundry detergent in the container on the far left


  • Make sure you always empty the water tank before use (top left)
  • Make sure you always empty the dust tray
  • Most common program is “Mixed Fabrics or Cupboard Dry

More information about the washing machine & dryer can be found here

Induction Hob Instructions

  • Put a pot or pan on the stove you want to use. Then turn it on
  • Be sure nothing is on the cooktop surface
  • To unlock it, push they key symbol for 3 seconds
  • Please use the fan at all times. Fire alarm fines apply !
  • More information can be found here

Microwave Instructions

  • There is a microwave in the cupboard in the kitchen. To operate at full power you must choose settings 800 and set the time and push start.
  • For lower heat choose a lower setting.
  • For Defrosting you should use the lowest setting: 90
  • More information can found here

Heating Instructions

  • The heating in the apartment is controlled by floor heating
  • To adjust the heating press  or and then to confirm
  • More information can found here

Oven Instructions

  • Turn on the oven by pushing the button to the far left
  • Choose your heating function
  • Set the heat
  • Set the time
  • For video instructions click here

Luggage Storage

  • There is a luggage storage room located on level -2 of the building
  • Turn right and you will see the room labelled luggage storage
  • The code is the same as your apartment access code and valid from 6am check in day to midnight check out day
  • For more information, check here 


There are a few ways to get around the city and the countryside…
We have put together a page with extensive information on transport in Iceland

Click Here


  • In the unlikely event that there would be an electrical failure then we suggest you start by finding the fuse box and see if there is anything out of order there.
  • There is a fuse box in every apartment close to the front door.
  • See images Here


  • There are a number of english speaking channels (to access Live television push the menu button on the remote control and go to Live Feed)
  • To use Netflix you can push the Netflix button on the television remote and log into your account.
  • See Image here


  • There is no free dedicated parking spot for the apartment.
  • You can find Pay & Display parking spots outside and you might be able to find some free parking spots on side streets.
  • You don’t have to pay for parking on Sundays.
  • Another option is to use the underground (paid) parking garage under the building. No reservation needed.
  • More Information Here

What we recommend

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favourites that we consider to be the best this country has to offer.

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