Bríetartún 9-11, Reykjavík, Iceland

Fire Alarm

Sif Apartments is an apartment building of 98 apartments with common Fire Alarm system. Every time the fire alarm goes off it requires manual work to reset systems on site which the Housing Society charges for. Unfortunately we have to pass that cost on to the person responsible for the apartment when it goes off.

If fees are paid directly within 24 hours we can offer our guests a 30% discount.
Otherwise we charge the full amount which might include collection costs if payment is delayed.

Turned off within 4 minutes

Fire alarm set off, turned off within 4 minutes, 30% discount

Turned off after 4 minutes

Fire alarm set off, turned off after 4 minutes, 30% discount

Smoke dectors tampered with

Smoke detector tampered with, 30% discount

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